While David Dobrik Is Close To His 15 Million Subscribers On Youtube Here Are 7 Reason We Get Hooked With His Vlogs
David Dobrik Is One Of The Most Successful Youtuber Right Now With 14.9 Million Subscribers And A Second Channel With Over 6.6 Million Subscribers

The YouTube Star tends to be popular among teenagers. He started his YouTube journey in 2015 firstly he started making some prank videos and other kinds of stuff but after a while started vlogging. Since then he never looked back, his hard work towards his vlogs is tremendous. He has been entertaining his subscribers via his vlogs from the last four years. He is unstoppable and soon reaching a new milestone of 15 million subscribers on his Youtube Channel. He also has a second channel where he puts, bloopers and extra and unused footage from his vlogs material.

David Dobrik will soon to reach a new milestone of 15 million subscribers which is an achievement for any Youtuber but do you know why his vlogs are so good that you can't get enough of it.

7) Crazy Bits in Vlogs

David's vlogs always consists some crazy bits where he put one of the members of his vlogs squad to do some crazy stuff so he could get some crazy footage either he give them some money for that or a shoutout in the vlog which is quite cool because whichever it is, it's a win-win situation for the member but there is one thing that they lose is his bits are not so normal you can get shot by his paintball gun, or catch on fire, or something like that there are so many crazy bits that I can't remember any more than the regular ones. Sometimes, he blindfolds people and put a wild animal on them or some insects or sometimes it's just pieces of watermelon or something harmless but because they are blindfolded and they know David they eventually get scared. One time Heath of his vlog squad drank his own urine for $1000 now what can get crazier than that.

6) Clickbait Titles

Clickbait Title of David's vlogs are always eyecatching we all know that it's a clickbait but his genius ability of clickbaiting always gets us. When someone new watches his vlogs than the clickbait title hook you to watch one after other. Even, when you are the old ones you still get hooked by his clickbait ability. David even has a clothing line/ Merch line which goes by same name clickbait. From his first vlog to his 627th vlog he used a clickbait title from each one of them.

5) His Generosity

David is one of the generous guys you could find on the internet. David always looks after his friends right from the start of his journey of Youtube. He looked after his friends in any way possible even when he was not a bigshot Youtuber or even after getting bigger, he never left any of his friend from his hometown or his Vine squad. He generously gave about 11 or 12 cars to his friends or sometimes some people whom he didn't even know, he gave money to people who needs it. All in all, he gave what he gets. He helped his friends by money or any way possible. Never asked anyone for anything, don't want any appreciation for what he does. Like he loves to be in his vlogs behind the camera, in life also love to be behind the curtain of assholeness but in reality, he is a humble guy.

4) Jokes

In David's videos, you get to see so many jokes constructive or even spontaneous. In his videos, he prepares a joke on the spot and sometimes it's kind of bit where he jokingly paints the entire wall on his friend's room of his face. He always comes up with the crazy joke sometimes it comes out pretty racist or slightly offensive but it's all worth it because it's not done in a spirit to hurt anyone. Jokes in his videos are always stand out most of them are scripted or constructed but they never let you down always put a smile on your face.

3) Alex and Jason

Alex is always been in David's vlogs from the very start, Alex has been with and in David's vlogs. He contributed so much in his vlogs that he can't be replaced by anyone ever. On the other hand, Jason comes after sometimes but he had been one of the important and best squad member of the vlogs. Jason does most of the bits, jokes and anything he asked to do. Jason also is the funniest member of vlogs squad. Alex also one of the funniest but he does clean comedy. Both of them irreplaceable part of vlog squad where Alex don't it contribute in the crazy parts of their bits.

2) Vlogs Squad

Now let's talk about his Vlog Squad, David's vlog squad is so big that you can't count them on fingers. And the funny thing is some of them are right from the start very start of his vlogs. I know people who have been reading this article should be thinking that I haven't mentioned Todd, Scott, Corrina and others. His vlogs are possible because of his vlog squad they put so much content and so much effort to make his vlogs to happen. yes, it's right that he gives them what they deserve but it's the courage to consistently being a part of such a big group where anything can happen emotionally physically or whatever. I would say the strongest part of his vlogs is vlog squad which took many years to get formed but it's one of the most loved groups on the internet.

1) David Dobrik

His whole squad is formed when he started making videos and he also set everyone's career or you can say gave them kind of platform where they got shot to the fame. In his vlogs, he put the whole squad together and also put the greatest content on the internet which got enjoyed by millions of people. The best part about his vlogs is David himself his ability to think these crazy ideas and help his friends where he doesn't take credit in most of the things. His humble attitude is what makes him one of the most loved and successful Youtubers.


Yes Yes, we didn't forget about Liza Koshy.


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