Does Size Matters? Answered By The Pornstar Riley Reid
The Famous Pornstar Burst The Bubble Of The Most Common Misconception

Does Size matters it's the most common question when you go through the sex related question. The most common question asked by anyone is about size after about stamina. Everyone thinks that guy who have big size is good in sex but it's not always true it all goes how you do it and how your partner likes it yes its necessary to have a good size of penis. Good sex doesn't depend upon the size it definitely depends on stamina and and on your tuning with your partner. But does size matter it is the question and here's the answer.


Yes it matters when you think of does size matters it does, but the famous pornstar elaborated the most common misconception of the size. Riley Reid elaborated the answer of does size matter very precisely how it matters for the different people differently because we all think that every girl needs a big penis but it's not true. Girls definitely wants a great sex but not every girl wants or needs big penis because like every guy have different size of penis, same goes for the girls they all have different sizes of vaginas so in terms of size if a girl have small vagina they needs small penis if some girl have a bigger vagina then definitely she needs a big penis.

It's very basic for the people who thinks that every guy should have a big penis or girls needs a big penis guy we have to search their vice-versa match. So it's ok a to have a small penis if you does have a small penis then you need to search a girl with the small vagina I know it's not very easy to find the right size but it's not impossible.


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Read Mikayla Kersten's answer to Does size matters, when it comes to girls? on Quora


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