4 Times Joey Was The Smartest Friend In The Room
Joey Tribbiani Is Always Been The Cutest, Adorable And Not So Smart From The Beginning Till The End Of The Show But Sometimes He Was The Smartest In The Room

Joey Tribbiani was the most adored character from the TV show Friends. Every generation knows about the story of six friends living in New York City working on different jobs, having different problems in life but staying together to help each other, tease each other, love each other, laugh with each other and most importantly be with each other until the end.

Joey is one of them and he was not a smart person but he was cute and handsome that'd enough for all the women he dated but sometimes, Joey surprised us with his intelligence or you can say he just got lucky and said the right words at the right moment.

Here are the Smartest Moments of Joey

1. The one where Monica got stung by Jelly Fish.

The first episode of season 4 where Monica, Chandler and Joey went to the beach. Chandler and Monica were getting tanned where joey was busy digging a huge hole in the sand. When he shows both of them his creation, a wave came along with it a jellyfish and stung Monica. Monica was crying in pain then Joey comes up with a plan

2. The one where Ross didn't know who is his Secret Admirer in the student evaluation

In season 6 Ross got an anonymous appreciation from one of his students in the student evaluation where someone called him hot but because of the evaluation was anonymous, he can't find who it is. Joey told him to look into the student's exam paper to match the hand writing of the secret admirer. Bravo when it comes about girls Joey is extra smart. The admirer was Elizabeth his 19 years old student and became his younger girlfriend whose father was non-other then Bruce Willis.

3. The one where Chandler wants to kiss Monica on a New Year

In season 5 when Chandler and Monica's love started no one knows about them except Joey. So, Chandler wants to kiss Monica without anyone to find out about them. So Joey just turned the situation the way that it looks like it all just planed nothing else. If i'll explain the situation here it all could become messy so you can watch it Season 5 episode 11 right in begining of the episode.

4. The one where Chandler wants to borrow some money. Strange!

In season 8 when Chandler quit his job to follow his passion which he didn't know until he quitted his job. Because he was not working he needed some help to pay some rent and bills for which he asked Joey for it and when he does, Joey said he knows that because Monica already borrowed money from him but she didn't want Chandler to find out. So when Joey said he knows Chandler speculated how than Joey comes up very fast that "The economy is bad and he is not working right now" which is really the fastest he come up for any lying situation. The smartness of Joey didn't end here when Joey by mistake told Chandler that he needed $2000 which surprised Chandler because he needed exactly that much money, he covers up saying that he know how much Chandler use to make and ho much his rent are.


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