The Last Clubs Of These Football Legends From Where They Said Goodbye To The Game
There Are Numerous Clubs In The World But There Are Only Few Clubs From Where The Legends Retired From The Game

Football is the most famous sports in the world. The debate of being best in the world for the Clubs, National Teams and Players is always on the table. The game created many legends and iconic players. Every legend had their era where they ruled the game. Footballers always have their ups and downs but when their magic starts to fade, they step aside to be with smaller clubs so they just get to play the game they love.

Pelé - New York Cosmos  (Retired 1977)

Pelé is the first player in the world of football to be called a legend of the game. The only player to win 3 FIFA World Cups is the hint of his legendary career. Pelé is always top of the tier when people talk about the all-time best. In his career of over 21 years, scored 727 Goals in 786 Appearances.

Diego Maradona - Boca Junior (Retired 1997)

Maradona is a great example of one-man show. The man who single-handedly led his team to win a World cup. 'The Golden Boy' of football is also the notorious one, his dribbling ability can't be compared with anyone. In his professional career of football of over 21 years, scored 306 Goals in 606 Appearances.


Johan Cruyff - Feyenoord (Retired 1984)

Johan Cruyff was an incredibly skilful and creative player. He was also a great thinker about the game and leader on the pitch. He worked with his coach Rinus Michels to develop the Total Football system, in which players interchanged positions, attacked with fluidity and defended by closing down space. He was one of the great minds of the game. In his professional career of football of over 20 years, scored 323 Goals in 562 Appearances. 

Ronaldo de Lima - Corinthians (Retired 2011)

Ronaldo is one of the great players of the game. The player who led his team to won several trophies either it's his national team or the club. The first time Ronaldo's potential got recognised at Barcelona in 1996/97, scoring 47 goals in 49 games and taking the club to a Cup Winners Cup. The player led his team Brazil in FIFA World Cup 2002 to win the cup by scoring 8 goals. In his professional career of football of over 18 years, scored 309 Goals in 441 Appearances.

Zinedine Zidane - Real Madrid (Retired 2006)

The French player is always recognised as one of the best of his time. The famous headbutt in FIFA World Cup Finale 2006 is always going to be memorable in the world of football. The player who led his team to the World Cup Win in 1998 and won a UEFA Championship in 2000 is one of his great achievement. In his professional career of football of over 17 years, scored 126 Goals in 614 Appearances.

Roberto Carlos - Delhi Dynamos (Retired 2015)

The most versatile player of the game from Brazil. Roberto Carlos played in the position of Left Back. He was in the team of FIFA World Cup winning Brazil. The player described as "most offensive-minded left-back in the history of the game". Along with 1 FIFA World Cup, he has 2 Copa America and 1 FIFA Confederations Cup. In his professional career of football of over 24 years, scored 77 Goals in 700 Appearances.

David Beckham - Paris Saint-Germain (Retired 2013)

The English player is always considered as one of the most stylish players. He played for the biggest name in the football world and also been contributing to the game. The right-winger is always known for his free-kicks, long-range passing and crossing ability. He has always been the highest earners in football. In his professional career of football of over 20 years, scored 114 Goals in 638 Appearances.


Ronaldinho - Fluminense (Retired 2015) 

The most skilled footballer ever Ronaldinho is the Favourite of every football fan. Ronaldinho is one of the player with no haters, also been inspiring millions by his unexpected skills and great dribbling. His infield ability in the most unique in the world of football. Ronaldinho is also in the team of FIFA World Cup winning team of Brazil in 2002. In his professional career of football of over 17 years, scored 200 Goals in 538 Appearances.

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